What if you could connect with all the local GS Girls in your area. Imagine the fun you'd have organizing rides and gatherings, MOTO movie nights and adventure weekends! 

We are encouraging GS Girls to connect with fellow riders of not just BMW GS riders but all kinds of motorcycle riders. There is power and safety in numbers, we learn from each other, share tips and advice, find common interests and turn dreams into reality. 

All across America, Canada and the Rest of the World we are a growing community often only connected through social media and internet forums but there's a revolution happening, we are finding our like-minded people and connecting in real life. 

Imagine the possibilities. We already are in the Colorado GS Girls Group. With an active core of over 40 women and men we have already enjoyed a season of Skill Practice Days and Rides, MOTO movie nights, maintenance and suspension set up workshops as well as all manner of other fun events.

Through the winter we have a Get Fit for the Riding Season event ingeniously called Operation (G)ut (S)hot going as well as fun weekends away playing in the snow. Heck, its Colorado we gotta amuse ourselves with all kinds of adventures! 

Find your tribe and links to Facebook Groups on this website. 

 It doesn't take much to get involved. We'll be updating and posting all the time so watch this space. Meantime feel free to reach out or go ahead and get started and let us know so we can spread the love! 

Please visit our Cafe Press GS Girls site for swag!

Spread the love - Find your tribe

gsgirls.org serves the motorcycle community in North America and lists the all the International links.

Stay tuned for updates on more global community websites and groups!

Ever wanted to create your own local group?

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